Attention: Sales Professionals!

Welcome to the new and improved 2-Minute Drill from The Sales Coach

Fifteen years ago, we started posting articles on-line. It was a novel way of transferring information to customers and prospective customers.

Even though technology has advanced, there are some things that have changed and some things that have remained the same.

So what’s different?

  • readers can join in on the conversation by adding comments and thoughts quickly, thus gaining valuable insight
  • the 2-Minute Drill  blog is designed to distribute quality information to the sales community in short, timely bursts
  • posts on LinkedIn, YouTube, facebook, and twitter, make it easier for sales professionals to access our information via their favorite portal

What’s the same?

  • our passion for selling, sales management and the sales process (examples – Jack H, Albany, NY; Phil B, Easton, MD)
  • our commitment to quality, practical content
  • our belief in a solid understanding and execution of the fundamentals of selling and relationship building
  • the need for “professional” salespeople (Not every company needs a sales force, but every company that has salespeople should have “sales professionals.” – Joe H, Williamburg, VA)

How can you benefit?

  • INSTANT – sales information you can apply to your next sales call …TODAY…
  • FREE – no cost access to powerful sales tips, selling techniques, and sales management strategies
  • PROFESSIONAL – answers to your questions, confirmation of your thoughts and ideas, plus validation that you are an integral part of the sales community
  • SATISFYING – the comfort of knowing that you might be helping someone who is struggling with sales or sales management, and that your input might just put their career in high gear
  • EASY – via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, and television

If you like this post, please tell your friends, coworkers, and even your customers. This blog is for you, and our plan is to help you be more successful.

Here’s to strong sales, and even stronger sales professionals!

Michael J Galante, The Sales Coach

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